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Patented and approved by the European Community (EC) and the FDA

There are many companies that have tried without much success to adapt a bicycle to a wheelchair in order to build an invention that allows them to enjoy a pleasant ride, neglecting the safety that it should provide and putting it at risk at all times, in addition to the high costs in the construction of these devices. Our adapter “Kit adapts” is a patented system approved by the European Community (EC) and the FDA that has successfully passed all safety tests.

Apart from the system itself, it also has belts for the person in the seat that allow a secure restraint at all times.

The “Kit Adapta” system, thanks to its width adjusters, adapts to most wheelchairs and bicycles on the market.


Data sheet

  • Width: 45 cm. – 60 cm (min. – max.)
  • Height: 15 cm.
  • Weight: 4,5 Kg.
  • Anchorage width: 8 cm.

Maintenance Manual

  • Clean the equipment with a damp cloth.
  • Disassembly and cleaning of all moving parts and their nuts when you see that it is necessary because it is dirty.
  • Grease all bolts and nuts once a year with multipurpose oil or liquid petroleum jelly or petroleum jelly.
  • Reassembly of all screws and moving parts.
Weight 5,81 kg