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Very light, built in aluminum and anticorrosive materials.

Made of aluminum, stainless steel, pvc.

Ergonomic, very comfortable, easy to handle.

The CITY wheeled walker is comfortable, safe and very maneuverable in areas with difficult terrain.

The CITY wheeled walker will make you feel and enjoy a day at the countryside, beach, lake, etc, that you never imagined, with all the comfort that you didn’t have before, now you have it.

  • Non-punctureable wheels.
  • Foldable.
  • Adjustable in height, 5 different sizes.
  • Cushioned, folding backrest.

With our CITY wheeled walker when you take a walk on the beach you can feel the sea breeze because with this walker you can get close to the shore and sit and watch the sea.

Due to its comfortable, ergonomic and hypoallergenic seat you will truly rest every time you sit down. It is very light, built in aluminum and anti-corrosive materials to extend the life of the product. Its wheels are large-diameter and pneumatic to improve both agility and handling.

Also, thanks to these wheels, it will be able to handle very well on uneven ground.

Enjoy a nice walk with the CITY wheeled walker!!!!


  • Length: 80 cm.
  • Width: 76 cm.
  • Height: 100/87 cm.
  • Weight: 9.5 Kg
  • Max. capacity: 130 Kg
  • Wheels diameter: 23 cm.
  • Wheel width: 12cm.
  • Weight Wheels: 800g (pcs.)
  • Total weight with wheels: 12 Kg.
  • Packing measures: 90 x 75 x 25 cm.
  • Turning radius: 360º.
  • Height from seat to floor: 59 cm.
  • Seat width: 46 cm.
  • Seat depth: 30 cm.

Maintenance Manual

  • Fresh water washing of the entire equipment on a daily basis.
  • Disassembly and washing of all moving parts and their nuts every 15 days.
  • Grease with multipurpose oil or liquid petroleum jelly or petroleum jelly all bolts and nuts every 15 days.
  • Reassembly of all screws and moving parts.
  • Disassembly of rear wheels and washing of stainless steel axles every 15 days.
Weight 14,10 kg